I have been a  professional saxophonist based in the U.K. for 25 years and have performed in many countries and in many different musical situations.
As a teenager in the U.K., i grew up listening to my cousins motown and soul records. I was transported by the energy and passion that they possessed , indeed , i still get 'goose bumps' when i listen to the musicians on those records.
As an emerging saxophonist, unlike my peers who would be playing jazz, i was in bars and nightclubs playing covers of artists such as Teddy Pendergrass, Wilson Picket and the Average White Band.
I've been lucky enough as a professional saxophonist to tour with many great artists but a highlight for me was touring with Hamish Stuart from the Average White Band and getting to play their hit 'pick up the pieces' with him ...a saxophone classic! It was an odd moment, as i remembered being 12 years old and laying on my parents living room floor listening with headphones to that record thinking to myself ' i wish i could do that'.

In whatever music i play in the course of my work, i carry with me the influences from my early life and play with a soul feel and sound.

"it's not what you eat, it's what you listen to"  ....A. Leyland